Save Davidson began as a grassroots effort in February 2017 as Save West Davidson's Tree Canopy; a social media group founded by Ben and Denise Beall for Davidson residents who were concerned about the sale and private development of the Beaty Street Property located at Beaty/NC115 and loss of its tree canopy.​

The group quickly expanded in its number of followers and purpose, becoming both a launching and landing point for the entire Davidson community to share information and support one another on town-wide issues such as asbestos, town bonds, Catalyst, gentrification, rural area plan, safe hotels, Circles@30 and the Potts project.

To give a broader voice to specific town project concerns and to become a platform for the upcoming Town of Davidson election, the founders officially changed the group’s name to “Save Davidson” in June 2017. The open conversation style and information sharing remains unchanged and the 2,000+ members continue to support each other — principles that have existed from the group’s founding.

Save Davidson’s success is due to an army of citizens — both seen and unseen, both speakers and listeners — who have galvanized around the following beliefs:

Save Davidson, in accordance with guidance from counsel, is now organized as a North Carolina nonprofit corporation and has applied to the IRS for recognition as a 501(c)(4) tax exempt entity. We researched this carefully and learned that our citizens’ organization is better served by having an official status. We will remain a grassroots group made up of engaged citizens while fully complying with Federal and State laws involving fundraising, candidate specific expenditures and taxes.



Denise Beall
Chairman of the Board

Donna Pollack
Member, Board of Directors
Jana Watt
Member, Board of Directors and Press Contact
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